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Disk On Module (DOM)

Disk on module (DOM) basically combines a physical converter and flash drive to either a SATA or USB connection. DOM can be plugged into a USB socket or even directly on to a motherboard without even a driver. Such feature makes it a perfect solution for portable and embedded systems that have limited space and minimal power consumption.
Unlike standard rotative drives, DOM does not require signal cable or special space. DOM is a solid-state solution for IDE or SATA HDD, which has no moving parts. Just plug the DiskOnModule into the IDE SATA or USB motherboard slot and play it. DiskOnModule can be played in the same way as the traditional Hard Disk Drives. These modules are 100% compatible with the standard IDE ATA/SATA or USB interface. DOM strongly increases reliability and improve data access speed performance, without emitting noise. Choose from our varying range of Disk On Module (DOM) below: